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If you have any extra #litecoins that you want to mess around with and try some #YieldFarming this is the spot to do it. Current APY on the WASP/wanLTC pool is 67.13%. #Litecoin #DeFi

February was another big month for #Wanchain and interoperable #DeFi!

🔥 Multi-chain bridges live on the mainnet!
🔥 $11.5M total value of converted cross-chain assets!
🔥 New marketing director onboarded!

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Brave Search is coming, waitlist signup for early testers and users who will help us make it sing, then alternative engine in Brave / SERP any browser can use. We will innovate on both sides, browser and service, to make search great. In time BAT ads too.

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#lasereyTrend Storms Crypto Twitter for $100,000 $BTC

Our promised 'sneak peek' of what #Wanchain has in store over the next weeks:
-InstantCross for fast & cheap cross-chain transactions
-direct $ETH / $BTC bridge on mainnet
-combined storemen group
-$XRP integration
-...& many more surprises!

Brace yourself, $WAN is ready for it!

We’ve officially unveiled our new Voyager Loyalty Program! 🎉

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Our YouTube channel is now LIVE!

Head over to watch episodes 1-3 of The Golden Record Broadcast with hosts @CharlieShrem & CEO Steve Ehrlich @Ehrls15 AND make sure to subscribe.

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Cointelegraph China recently did an interview with Jack Lu, Founder & CEO of Wanchain, where he covered the cross-chain #DeFi trend of 2021!

Find out more here:

Just a look at some of the APYs you could be earning on WanSwap right now 🤭

The best is yet to come for WanSwap, WanLend, WanFarm, $WAN, $WASP, $FNX, and the Wanchain ecosystem as a whole. This is just the beginning 🚀🌐

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